Authentic. Curious. Community-Minded. Confident. Vulnerable.

  • I'm a big sister. I was a D.A.R.E role model in the sixth grade. A peer mediator in high school. My friends' confident. A teammate. A journalist. A naturalist. A marketer. A teambuilder. A mother. A wife.


    None of these things are the same, but they're all similar. Each one of them requires active listening—to others, to nature, to science, to myself. I've been listening my whole life, and a good coach is a great listener.


    I listen intently and without judgement. I ask questions. A lot of them. I connect dots, and I help people find their truest, most beautiful way in life and in leadership. My mission is to help you live yours.



    The very first paycheck I received was from detassling corn. I was in middle school, and I learned not only how and why to detassle corn (it's a pollination thing), but also that you should always wear waterproof footwear when doing field work and you should never give your jug of water to someone in exchange for a Pepsi if you want to stay hydrated.


    I grew up in the Midwest, so I continued farm work into high school. After school and before dance practice, I prepared the rosters for each boys' and girls' home basketball game and hung the gymnasium signage. In college, I cleaned houses and was a reporter and editor for the student newspaper. I held internships at two of the largest Chicago metro newspapers, The Daily Herald and The Times of Northwest Indiana. I washed windows, and I worked as the activities coordinator for the Toulon Healthcare Center, a nursing home near my hometown. After graduating college, I was hired on as a naturalist and volunteer coordinator for the Kane County Forest Preserve. And, after working there for nearly five years, I found my way to marketing for The Nature Conservancy, where I have been sharing stories and leading people since 2010.


    At the start of 2020, I was called into coaching. I saw and felt people suffering all around me, trying to make sense of all that the year brought our way, and I knew I could help. I knew I needed to help. In August 2020, I earned my Life + Leadership Coaching Certification from the Academy of Creative Coaching, an ICF-accredited coach training program.


    Why the longest-ever description of my career? Because it all matters and has shaped me into the person I am today. I've learned practical life skills, people skills, mindfulness and self-awareness in all of these roles, and I've gained a lot of perspective along the way.


    I bring all of this learning into my coaching practice.


    Make a plan. Work the plan.
    Goals, ideas, dreams–whatever you're after in life–are hard to achieve without some sort of action plan around them. But, if you have a plan, I absolutely believe you can do anything you put your mind to. Why so much emphasis on a plan? Well, it'd be like saying "I want to run a marathon," but then not having a training schedule. Or, "I want to drive across the country," but not having any directions. Sure, you could probably accomplish both of those things without a plan, but a plan makes it easier and more likely that you'll follow through. As your coach, once we narrow in on what it is you want to achieve, I help you break down the work it'll take to get you there and then walk alongside you as you do that work. Make a plan. Work the plan.


    Whole Self. Whole Community. Whole Society.
    This second one is a bit more philosophical. In my heart–and through digesting loads and loads of research–I believe that only when we know and love ourselves, can we truly be open enough to know and love others. Knowing and loving ourselves looks different for everyone, but I like to sum it up as living our personal mission. Being so in tune with our unique strengths, needs and values that we cannot stomach living a life that does anything to squash them. Can you imagine a world where everyone lived this way? The thought of that elates me. I believe when we grow a larger sense of self-awareness and self-love, we will create more connected individuals, more connected communities and thriving societies. Whole Self. Whole Community. Whole Society.

    “Devote yourself to love. Love yourself so much that you can love others without barriers and without judgment."

    –Cleo Wade