• Whole Self.

    Whole Community.

    Whole Society.

    Only when we know and love ourselves, can we truly be open enough to know and love others. And only when we know and love others, can we truly have whole, connected communities.


    Knowing and loving ourselves looks different for everyone, but I like to sum it up as living our personal mission. Being so in tune with our unique strengths, needs and values that we cannot stomach living a life that does anything to squash them. I believe when we grow a larger sense of self-awareness and practice self-love, we will create more connected individuals, more connected communities and thriving societies.


    The Growth Collective is an effort to build self-awareness, cultivate self-love and foster a community for whole living. For now, The Growth Collective is a monthly email, where each issue is packed with mindfulness tips, nutritious recipes, fitness information, money management guidance, community engagement opportunities and a dose of fun.