Building the bridge to your best life.

  • Close Your Eyes

    Ok, Ok, not right now because I want you to read this. But, after you read this paragraph, close your eyes and picture yourself in your best life. Where are you working? What does your office look like? Where are you living? What do you do for fun? How's your physical health? Mental health? Financial health? Anyone standing there with you? Who's in your community and how are you involved in it?
    It feels really good to picture yourself in that life, doesn't? Are you living that life now? If not, let's work together to figure out how you can.
    Each of my clients begin with a guided values exercise (not one of those lists you can find on the Internet) and a life assessment. We use what we uncover with these tools to guide our coaching sessions and create plans for how to bring your values to life. All from the comfort of our own homes.
    When you sign on to work with me, you get one-on-one bi-weekly coaching sessions, and you become part of the Growth Collective community.
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