• OktoberForest
    role: copywriter + campaign strategist + creative lead

    When you drink a beer, do you think of a forest? Didn’t think so. TNC's OktoberForest campaign hopes to change that. Beer is 95% water, and 40% of our world’s water comes from forests. It’s simple. If you love beer, you gotta love forests.


    As the lead copywriter and one of four creative staff, I have helped bring this campaign to life for the past four years. In 2019, the campaign expanded to 31 states, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Kenya, and we had a total of 210 brewery partners. Our colleagues hosted a total of 61 events, our lead campaign video garnered 74K views and we had 29K landing page visits. By and far, 2019 was this campaign's best year yet.


    The assets pictured below were distributed at breweries and shared across TNC and brewery social media channels.