• Pacifica
    role: creative director

    Sometimes things just really come together.


    In this project, Environmental Advocate & Artist Nancy Judd reached out to me about a partnership for a sculpture since she had just worked with my colleagues in New Mexico. It just so happened that when Nancy reached out, I was in the midst of planning marketing efforts for the 50th anniversary of TNC’s Cascade Head Preserve, a place where Nancy grew up playing. It was a beautiful coincidence.


    What resulted from this connection was a heartwarming story about an artist and her connection to the land, a beautiful sculpture named Pacifica and a window display at one of the busiest outdoor shopping centers in Oregon. My role in this campaign was creative director; I helped videographer Brady Holden produce the video below, created the window display for Pacifica and designed marketing materials related to this effort.


    After watching the video below, hopefully you'll see why we won the Environmental category at the 2016 McMinnville Film Festival.


    Pacifica is now on display through 2021 at the Atlanta International Airport.

    Pacifica Email Series

    As part of our partnership with Bridgeport Village Shopping Center, they sent a series of emails to their community, encouraging them to visit the display and watch how Pacifica was made on our website.

    An inside, side-view of the Pacifica window display. Putting this together required a mix of design, engineering, landscaping and electrical work. I used moss-covered branches, rocks and pine cones collected from my teammate's yard. Phrases from our "Dear Oregon Coast" campaign hung on purposely coffee-stained and crinkled paper as a backdrop. What's that wood structure they're hanging from, you might ask? Well, that's the alter my teammate's dad built him for his wedding. Yeah. The level of love, care and creativity that went into this display was truly something. We even arranged for a local volunteer to come spray the sculpture with water once a week so she stayed green. And, all of this was completed just days before my wedding and six-week-road-trip-to-Alaska honeymoon.